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Lagers vary widely. Produced all over the world, under thousands of labels, all lagers still have one element in common: they type of yeast upon which they rely to ferment the sugars in their malt to alcohol. Lagers largely differ from ales due to the yeast their brewers choose.

Unlike ales, which exploit highly active, top-fermenting yeast, lagers turn to a slow-acting yeast that tends to settle near the bottom of the fermentation tank.

Lager color values are usually light, but they span the spectrum from quite pale to medium dark. Well-made lager is often highly carbonated, ranges from 3%-5% alcohol, and its hop flavor, although distinct, is not too heavy. In short, lager is regarded as a very refreshing beverage.

Lagers are generally fermented in the moderate temperature range of 7-12¡C (45-54¡F), but held at temperatures near freezing for two weeks to a few months. Lagers ferment under much colder conditions than ales, and most people prefer to drink them much colder, too.

In fact, among the specialty lagers is a brew called ice beer. Ice beer fermentation takes place below 0¡C (32¡F). Ice-brewed beer is typically light, quite crisp, and consumed very cold.