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Birra Del Borgo There are 3 products.

1999 -2004: I started homebrewing for fun while I was studying Biochemistry at University, but as time passed, it became a job much more than a hobby. So I decided to step up to the plate and get into serious production, abandoning my academic research. I started travelling throughout Europe to rediscover the old brewing styles: meeting the old German "beerkeller" (brewing masters) and the imaginative Belgian brewers. I believed that this was an essential step of the process. In the UK, I tasted some of the most interesting beers. These are the "real ales": lightly carbonated, quite strong and full-bodied and with plenty of intriguing fruity flavours. They also demonstrate a very different brewing culture from the average Italian perception about beer. Thus, I started experimenting brewing with far bigger quantities than my modest thirty litres. It is then that I decided to take the plunge and start my very own company.

2005: The great Birra del Borgo adventure starts in Borgorose - a small village in the Rieti province, at the border between Lazio and Abruzzo region – and our first production site still in use, is the Old Brewery in Colle Rosso. It is here that we create some of our most famous recipes: Reale, Duchessa and DucAle.

2007: BdB grows. In May, we officially celebrate our "birthday" organizing the first BdB Day. 2007 is also the birth year of Bir e Fud pizzeria in Trastevere. It is the first venue in Rome t bring customers a different way to drink beer along with quality food. Together with Manuele Colonna (owner of the longtime established pub Macchesietevenutiafa) and other friends, we wanted to prove that the "pizza and beer" pairing, a classic in Italy, could find a new meaning by matching craft beers with gourmet pizzas and other simple but well prepared dishes.

2009: We inaugurate the New Brewery, not so far away from the existing one, that is our laboratory for experimental brews and other innovative projects. In the same year, with Teo Musso of Baladin Brewery and other partners, we launched Open Baladin Roma. Within walking distance from Campo de' Fiori, Open Baladin is not just another pub, but a real "beer house" where we want to spread the beer culture serving the best craft beers from Italy and abroad along with great dishes. Here, our chef Gabriele Bonci, the world-famous baking master creates fantastic fare - hamburgers, meats, chips, salads and sandwiches, all made using the best ingredients. Further, at Open, you can also find all our products, including some special limited edition beer.

2011: BdB goes overseas: with Teo Musso – again – and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewing Company. In this year, we launched La Birreria, a brewpub on the rooftop of Eataly: New York in the heart of Manhattan. Since its inception, La Birreria has become one of the most popular destinations for native New Yorkers and tourists alike. Everyday, our popularity is growing, not only for Italian craft beers, but also for the ones we brew on the premises. Bdbmania is beginning in the States, too!

Meanwhile, in Italy we don't stand by idly. The New Brewery has recently expanded with the instillation of new fermenters and a brand new bottling machine.

At the New Brewery, we also instated out very own Quality Control Laboratory, to analyze the production - start to finish - to be sure that the final product reflects what we have in mind. All our beers are also tested by our staff and external customers during a weekly panel taste. Other essential aims are to study the different steps of the fermenting process and to identify local yeast strains to make our beers even more unique.

To be continued...

Leonardo Di Vincenzo