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2003 was a dark year in Stavanger. Carlsberg, who owned the only regional brewery in the town, had just decided it was surplus to requirements. The beers of Tou had never been much good, but after over a century of brewing, they closed it down to uproar in the community.
One such outraged local decided to do something about it and founded a new brewery. Lervig opened that same year and, true to Stravanger’s history, the beer was pretty awful. Despite the best efforts, seven more years of wilderness followed.

But then a brewer named Mike Murphy landed in Stavanger, looking for a new beery adventure. Murphy’s had worked with Mikkeller, and brewed the world’s best stout and the world’s best porter in 2008. He could legitimately claim to have introduced Italy to the idea of IPA, and wanted to do the same in Norway.
He took one look at the pale lagers Lervig were producing and began to shake it up. He started with Lucky Jack, a crisp and hoppy as hell American Pale Ale that blew the socks of the local drinkers. He’s gone on to produce a barrel-aging project, created another world-beating black beer in his 10.4% Konrad Stout and, now, brought all those beautiful drinks to Thailand.

The Vikings have landed. And they’ve brought beer.